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What makes The British School Quito special? Is BSQ more of a British School or an International school?

We are a dynamic learning community that provides a personalized and holistic education for both Ecuadorean and International students, that is both British focused and internationally minded, delivered by inspirational, intercultural learning leaders.

BSQ will be a leading centre of individual excellence, within Latin America, providing the foundations for lifelong learning and success within a global context.

With our small class sizes and very pleasant disciplinary atmosphere, we are good at enabling all young people to fulfill their potential, be that academic, sporting or cultural.

What does it mean to be a BSQ student?

We expect a lot from both ourselves and our students. We work hard and we strive for excellence, but we do so with open minds, a sense of community, and with school spirit. A BSQ student is expected to have high standards of behavior and work and to have an attitude towards School and all members of the school community in line with the principles of our Core Beliefs.

What curriculum is taught at BSQ?

The School follows the National Curriculum of England, with some adaptations for the requirements of the Ecuadorian curriculum. BSQ is an English-speaking International Baccalaureate World School which offers the IB Diploma programme. We are extremely proud to able to offer this excellent curriculum, which prepares our students to be reflective critical thinkers and responsible global citizens. The IB Diploma is the preferred entrance qualification at many of the world’s top universities.

Please keep in mind that classes are taught in English at BSQ and ours is not a “bilingual” curriculum. However, Spanish is a mandatory subject from Year 1 onwards.

What age can I enrol my son/daughter at your school?

Our programme currently starts at Nursery for children aged 3 before August 31st of the current academic year up to Year 13 for children aged 17 before August 31st of the current year.

Can we visit the school?

Yes, you are welcome to visit the school at any time. Please contact the school office to make an appointment to speak with the Admissions Coordinator and for an official tour of the school.

Where do BSQ Academic staff come from?

Many of our staff are British or British trained, but there are representatives from all over the world including New Zealand, Australia, Canada and the United States.

What are BSQ class sizes?

We closely monitor class sizes to ensure an optimum number of students depending on the age, size of classroom, and the learning methodology of the curriculum.

Does BSQ offer co-curricular activities?

Yes, there is a wide variety on offer, depending on the age and interests of your individual child. We publish a booklet each term outlining the clubs on offer. We expect students to participate in these activities to enrich their experience and to achieve our Mission.

Can BSQ admit a child with special needs?

It depends on the nature of the needs and each case is considered carefully. We have a Student Support Services department, which works closely with teachers to support all students.

Does the school provide a catering service?

We offer a catering service which provides a snack in the morning and a service at lunch, for which there is an additional charge. There is also a snack shop for students in the Secondary School, where they pay in cash. The other option is to bring snack or lunch from home

Does the school provide a bus service?

We work with an external company to provide transport, which has an additional charge. Availability will depend on the location and space of the required service.

What are the school hours?

8:00 – 12:00

Reception - Year 13
8:00 – 3:20

When should I submit my application?

The admissions process starts every September with our Admissions Open Houses. We begin processing applications for the upcoming school year in September (one year in advance). As acceptances are done on a rolling basis here at BSQ, there is no fixed application deadline. However, some grades can fill up quickly and we will not be able to offer spaces. Applications for the current school year are considered on a continual basis, subject to availability in the grade concerned, but just for the applicants coming from the same school calendar. (September-June), for applicants from a different calendar it will depend on the start date.

Further information about the application review, please contact the admissions coordinator at

Where should I submit my completed application materials? Can I send scanned copies?

Applications materials may be sent either electronically (e-mail scan) or in person. For e-mail scans, please send all materials to our main BSQ admissions inbox at

Is there an admissions entry exam?

After receiving the complete application package the admissions office will prepare the assessment schedules. For nursery and reception we evaluate basic abilities and development of each applicant which include fine motor skills, gross motor skills and language development.

From Year 1 through Year 6 there are tests in Maths and English. Students in Year 4 through 6 should write a letter to the Head of Primary explaining why they want to be a BSQ Student.

From Year 7 through Year 12 there are tests in Maths, English and Spanish. There is also an interview with the Head of Secondary. Students should write a letter to the Head of Secondary explaining why they want to be a BSQ Student

Where an applicant is overseas and is unable to attend an evaluation day in School, the Admissions Team may seek the collaboration of the child´s current school to administer the BSQ evaluations at their current school.

Is an admissions interview required?

Interviews with parents or legal guardians are part of the standard application process. Also interviews between the applicants and the school counselor are required. For secondary applicants an interview with the Head of Secondary may be requested.

What standards of English are expected to be admitted at BSQ?

Fluency in English is not a criterion for admission (except for candidates applying for secondary school Year 7 – Year 12 in which case a functional level of academic English is required).

When can I expect the results of the committee's decision?

The Admissions Coordinator will contact you by phone to give you the results within 72 hours.

What are the criteria for acceptance at BSQ?

All applicants must pass the admissions evaluations. We will not admit a student if they have failed a year because of low academic performance or have been involved in disciplinary problems in the school they are leaving.

What is required for the enrolment procedure?
  • Complete enrolment package and all of the documents required, sign the School contract.
  • Complete enrolment payments or matricula fee
What is the integration effectiveness plan for new students?

Every new student should feel welcome and enjoy his/her learning from the first day in school. To ensure this, the Counselling Department as part of a support service will monitor the student life experience within the first school month. We have developed an effective adaptation process for primary and secondary students:

1. First week: It allows students to join your class and become familiar with classmates, facilities, procedures and staff .

2. Second week: The new student will be observed during class periods and breaks in order to understand their coping skills and the strategies they use to adapt to the new environment. These observations will be recorded in observation forms and passed to the homeroom teacher in order to determine if other strategies are needed to help the student integrate in the class.

3. Third week: The new student will attend a prescheduled counseling session. The day and time of the session will be notified to the Tutor or homeroom teacher in advance. Secondary students will be provided with a permission slip that will allow them to exit a lesson. The length of the session is about twenty minutes and the main goal is to have a closer look at the student feelings, strategies and current situation at home and in school.

On the next three weeks after this first meeting, the student will attend a counseling session per week on a pre-established day and time, which won’t interrupt his/her learning, but on the contrary will encourage an enjoyable school experience and successful integration.

Feedback on each student will be issued appropriately to the Tutor and Head of Section, specifying the needs of each individual student. Further follow up could involve staff meetings, parent meetings or external support to guide the student into a positive incorporation into the school community.

*Please note, counseling sessions are not therapy sessions. The main goal is to support students in order to cope with the new learning environment. It is probable that strategies regarding social-emotional skills could be provided.

There won't be psychological assessment during these sessions nor should a diagnosis be expected.