We are delighted to be the first school in Latin America to have UN climate change-certified teachers.

This UN-certified accredited uses climate change material developed by UNITAR, the United Nations Training Institute to equip educators of all age groups with the knowledge to deliver lessons on climate change. Our certified teachers use their skills to bring environmental thinking into our school and encourage everyone to think and act responsibly.

eduCCate who run these courses in partnership with the UN and Harwood University describe their vision as:

A world where every school and every teacher is equipped to inspire and empower students to thrive in our climate-challenged world


It is a powerful program and we are incredibly proud to say that six BSQ teachers have completed a variety of these courses. First to complete her training was our geography teacher, Natalie Sawyers. Natalie is leading school-wide climate change and sustainability initiatives, and she is using her knowledge to introduce these topics into our curriculum.

And it's not just the teachers who drive our school's environmental focus, we have a Student Sustainability Committee that is working with outside agencies, including the World Food Program, the United Nations, and Botellas de Amor to develop the sustainability of our school.

If you would like to learn more about our school's commitment to increasing sustainability and reducing climate change, you can continue reading about some of our student initiatives.

Bee Garden

Our primary student council led an initiative to make a BSQ Bee Garden. They learned about the importance of these insects to our ecosystem which supports vegetation, insects, and wildlife. Read more about their Bee Project and watch a short video.

River Cleaning

Some hardworking BSQ students from years 11 and 12 gave up their Sunday morning lie-in and headed to the Rio San Pedro river, for a clean-up. This was not simple litter picking, students were equipped with pickaxes and shovels. Read more about their gruelling river clean up.