Parents play a very important role in our school community

The British School Quito is fortunate to have the Parent Association; a wonderful group of parent volunteers who give up their time to support the school and our community. 

The main purpose of the PA is to organise events and fundraising to strengthen the ties in our community, bringing together students, parents and staff. The PA organises the Welcome Back Picnic in September, the Christmas Box Campaign, the Bonfire Night, and the International Family Fun Day.

Thanks to the support of The British School Quito community, the PA is able to raise funds for projects which significantly enhance the School experience but which would otherwise have to wait until the necessary funds were available. Recent projects funded by the PA include furniture for the reading area of the Dickens Library.

As parents, we immediately loved the school environment and how everyone treated us. My daughter instantly liked the school.

BSQ ParentBritish School, Quito