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In BSQ we believe that all students are unique, all students have value, and that all students can learn in a supportive environment. Our passion is developing in students their emotional intelligence, caring for their wellbeing and ensuring that they are able to access the wider curriculum, whilst developing their confidence and emotional security to take risks with their learning. All students have learning and emotional differences; our main role is to identify these differences and work with students in need of emotional and academic support to progress and achieve their potential.

Learning Support can mean a number of things. It might just mean that the teacher may have to accommodate the programme slightly in accordance with the student’s needs. The objective is to provide meaningful and equal access to all learning experiences and equal opportunities to demonstrate what they have learned. We do not reduce learning expectations; we provide access to their learning objectives.

However, if a child has difficulties in coping with an area of the curriculum we will inform you the parents and refer them to our Learning Support department. The professionals in this department are experienced in diagnosing learning difficulties and providing extra support to students with mild learning needs.

They will observe how the educational programme operates in the class and may carry out various types of assessment. Parents will be kept fully informed of any discussions about this individualised programme and will be involved in any major decisions. No student will be placed in a special instruction or therapy programme without prior agreement of the parents. Normally, the teacher, student, parent and learning support department will work together as a team to devise the best possible instructional programme.

The School is not resourced to provide adequate support to students with severe learning difficulties. Our admissions procedures are designed to ensure that only students who will benefit from our programme will be accepted. If we determine that a student cannot access our programme due to learning difficulties we will relay this information to the parents. The expectation is that the parents will seek the necessary outside professional support.

The department will act as a consultancy service to work with subject teachers to provide a support system that ensures those students’ needs are catered for. Appropriate strategies will be designed and implemented in accordance to the needs of every student that has been referred to the Student Support Department.

These strategies may include in-classroom observation and support, selected individual targets and action plans and reading, phonics and mathematics interventions. Students will also receive individualised support or counselling if this is required. This intervention will adapt as the student achieves his goals. The Student Support Department is fully convinced that through developing a close liaison between the student, parents and subject teachers the gap in learning differences will be minimized.

We collaborate with external providers to offer targeted interventions such as; speech and language therapy, sensory integration therapy, occupational therapy, emotional therapy and learning specialists. The costs of these additional services are charged directly by providers to parents.

The Student Support Department providess assistance to students from ab academic anc emotional point of view. The structure of our department is:

  • Learning specialist - provides assistance to thse students who need additional direction in their academc studies;
  • Guidance counselling - provides emotional and socal support, individual counselling, small group counselling, sex eductaion, workshops for teachers and parents;
  • English as an Additional Language/EAL/Spanish as an Additional Language SAL; the support is grouped according to ability and level.

In the BSQ, we believe in and celebrate differences. We are proud to offer individualized and integrated support to create well balanced individuals and help them progress along a challenging learning curve.

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