To celebrate the 25th anniversary of the founding of British School Quito, we are delighted to announce that there will be opportunities to apply for scholarships linked to excellence and talent.

British School Quito and Orbital Education will support motivated students who are academically or otherwise talented, dedicated to their studies and will seek to take full advantage of opportunities to extend their learning beyond the core syllabus. Scholarship students are expected to be proactive learners, ensuring their studies and activities have a whole-school profile and support associated clubs, societies and events. The scholarships are an investment in nurturing and promoting the talent of such students who will encourage others and benefit the whole community through their high standards.

Anniversary Scholarships at British School Quito are made available to students in Years 4-12 with outstanding ability and potential, which the school assesses by current school reports, assessments, participation, commitment and interview, and are awarded for the full duration of a student’s Key Stage, provided all obligations are fulfilled and the recipients maintain their high levels of effort, excellence and contribution to school life. In return, the school offers the teaching and guidance of staff that have a wealth of experience in nurturing gifted students to fulfil their academic potential.

BSQ and Orbital Education are proud to offer scholarships up to half (up to 50%) of all tuition fees for the duration of the Key Stage the student is in when beginning their scholarship year (not including deposit and registration charges, uniform, text books or examination entry costs). Please note that under no circumstance will the scholarships be exchangeable for money.

Who may apply

BSQ Anniversary Scholarships are available to both current students and students from other schools who intend to join BSQ in the 2020/21 school year.

Scholarships may be awarded on the grounds of achievement and/or identified potential, and are open to all students in Years 4-12. Scholarship applicants should anticipate demonstrating a high level of academic ability, a talent for a particular activity or an aptitude across a wide range of skills.

Successful study at BSQ requires a high standard of English and we would expect students in the IGCSE and IB programmes to demonstrate an English competency of at least B2 on the CEFR (Common European Framework of Reference for Languages) or internally assessed equivalent.


Scholarship assessment is based on the application statement, interview with a selection committee and a relevant combination of school reports, successful competition participation, evidence of emerging talent.

Application Form

All applicants must complete the BSQ Anniversary Scholarship Application Form, which can be requested from Sandy Pazmino at the school. The Personal Statement section should, in no more than 500 words, include details such as:

  • academic/personal achievements;
  • interests/hobbies/clubs;
  • a self-evaluation of their strengths and weaknesses;
  • why they want to be an IB student at BSQ and what it would mean to them;
  • how/what they will contribute to BSQ

External applicants must also submit a completed BSQ Admissions Registration Form.

Recent Reports

For BSQ students, the selection committee will review previous reports and contributions to the school. External applicants must submit a copy of their two most recent school reports, which may be supported by predicted grades if applicable. For students applying from an educational system other than British, the evaluation system used by the applicant’s school must be explained in detail. Please note that BSQwill contact that school for further information.


For external candidates, a confidential reference, covering academic and general matters, will be sought from the current school.

Other supporting documents

Supporting documents from schools, clubs or associations describing the applicant’s extra-curricular interests and achievements will contribute to success in the scholarship application. These activities may include sports, adventure activities, music, drama, community service, etc.

Address for application

Completed applications for the BSQ Anniversary Scholarships should be submitted to the school receptionist Sandy Pazmiño at

Deadline for application

Applications for August 2020 must be received by 30thJune 2020.


Selection Committee

All applications will be considered by a selection committee made up of the Principal, Head of Primary or Secondary and, on behalf of Orbital Education, the Regional Head of Schools. Whilst there are potentially 25 Anniversary Scholarships, all applicants will not necessarily be selected for interview.


A personal interview will be required for shortlisted candidates. This will focus on the candidate’s particular strengths and interests. The candidate will be expected to be knowledgeable in, and to enthuse about, any areas described on their application form, including their academic studies, extra-curricular participation, leadership or service experience. At this point we will be conducting these interviews online and a responsible family adult will also need to be in attendance. The interview will be recorded.

Final Decision

Once a decision has been made, successful candidates will be informed without delay.

Unsuccessful candidates will be notified in writing as soon as possible.

If, in the opinion of the selection committee, there are no suitable applicants, no scholarships will be awarded.


All scholarship awards are conditional upon meeting the requirements for entry and continuing to meet the expectations laid out below:

1. Scholarship recipients are expected to:

  • maintain the highest standards of attendance and effort in their academic studies;
  • be involved fully in school activities, showing enthusiasm, commitment and reliability;
  • support the school at academic or non-academic events as requested;
  • be a credit to the school and set a positive example to others.

2. Parents are expected to:

  • fully support the student in meeting the obligations set out in paragraph 1 (above);
  • ensure all further fees and charges are settled within due dates.

3. Withdrawal of the Scholarship:

If, in the opinion of the Principal, the obligations set out in sections 1 and 2 (above) are not being met, a written notice of warning will be issued to the parent.

A Scholarship may be withdrawn by written notice to the parent if, in the opinion of the Principal, there has been no significant improvement following a written warning and consultation with the parent and the student.

Withdrawal of the Scholarship will take effect from the start of the following term.

4. Standard Terms & Conditions:

These Conditions take precedence over any elements of the school’s standard contract which are inconsistent with them. In all other respects, the standard contract will apply and these Conditions will be interpreted in accordance with them.

5. Transfer or Fees in lieu of notice:

For the avoidance of doubt, the benefits payable under a Scholarship are not transferable and do not apply to any term for which the School has required payment of fees in lieu of notice.