The visual arts have left different types of traces during the history of humanity. Traces that show the passage of time and how human beings have lived in our diverse world during specific moments of history. These expressive marks show the emotions that shocked their core; transgressive strokes that form critiques seen through the lens of their reality; historical smudges that describe specific events in the community. In short, traces are a reflection of the being that created them and the experiences that forged them. These streaks evoke diverse identities and unique social structures in a multifaceted world.

The marks that we see in this artistic exhibition are a reflection of the students belonging to the IB Visual Arts Diploma Program from The British School Quito. This display is a sample of the different concepts, ideas and intentions that the creators have explored during their two years of study. We are pleased and honored to invite you to enter the world of these young artists and appreciate the traces they have left on their way through their last year of school.