In February 2020, The British School Quito hosted a successful, groundbreaking event filled with interesting and motivating talks from key expert speakers and three of our own BSQ students: TEDxYouth@BSQ. A boundary-breaking first for BSQ!

Powerful ideas are worth spreading, so TEDxYouth@BSQ was focused on Education: Innovation, Diversity and Wellbeing. Thank you to our wonderful speakers for sharing their inspiring stories about Education: Innovation, Diversity, and Wellbeing. We are so proud of their performance, engagement and commitment.

Special thanks to COCOA - Colegio de Comunicación y Artes Contemporáneas USFQ for their support and professionalism.

#StayConnected and take a look at their videos here.

El empoderamiento transforma realidades - David Vásquez

El Desafío de Enseñar y Aprender en Aulas Multi-diversas - Rebeca Carrera

Una especie en extinción - Martinna

El Fruto de la Esperanza - Mayra León

El arte de comunicarse - Pablo

Todo lo que el deporte puede hacer - Said López

Tu propio profesor - Martín