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At the British School Quito, we pride ourselves on our exceptional sense of community and the positive, supportive relationships between members of the community. This caring and safe environment is due, in no small part, to the excellent quality of care, guidance and support we give to students. Our aim is that everyone feels safe, secure and, above all, happy.

Each student forms part of a tutor group of up to a maximum of 24 students. The form tutor greets students daily and is the first point of contact for advice or support. They know each of their students well and have an overview of their progress and well-being. The Key Stage 3, Key Stage 4 and IB Diploma Coordinators provide additional support and are very involved with the day-to-day lives of our students.

As part of the Pastoral Care System there is a programme of Lifeskills, which develops as students move up the school. The aim of this programme is to prepare students to enter the international community with an awareness and understanding of some of the issues they may be faced to deal with as an individual in today’s world. Lifeskills is a timetabled lesson for all students.

Regular assemblies explore themes relating to personal development, including curiosity, humility and community, which are the values that embody the ethos of the Secondary School. There are regular rewards assemblies to ensure that students’ success – whether academic or modeling our school values – are recognised publicly. In addition, our excellent Student Support Department includes and school counsellor and Pediatric Doctor who are available to help and advise students and/or parents on specific challenges or issues that may arise.

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