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Due to current events worldwide, as schools close due to Covid-19, teachers and students at Orbital schools across the globe have moved from the physical classroom to online learning ensuring no gap in their students’education. Orbital invested in a robust Virtual Learning Environment (VLE) for their schools to enable smooth communication between teachers and students and to enhance learning by offering a powerful tool to implement blended learning.

The British School Quito recognises the essential element of online learning as part of a rounded and rich educational experience. As such, the staff and students have a range of strategies and skills that will enable a seamless use of online learning both as part of daily work and, if required, in a state of emergency

BSQ values of respect and determination are shining through as we continue to provide high quality learning and a truly happy and positive learning environment for our students. Our community has moved to online learning using our excellent platform - Canvas. Not many schools around the world are offering continued learning to such a high standard as our staff here at BSQ and we are all very fortunate to have such a dedicated team of teachers and assistants. Together we will continue to provide this learning opportunity through the coming weeks.