I hope you all had a wonderful Fiestas de Quito – we certainly enjoyed celebrating here at BSQ.

This week we look forward to our Christmas Fair on Saturday. This is always a really great event where students and visitors celebrate their creativity by selling gifts they have made. Please remember to bring your money so that you can support the children and get all those presents for family and friends.

Christmas is a time to celebrate but this year it is also a time for us to remember and reflect. It was on this day last year that Barney Riley-Dobbin died. Today everyone who knew Barney is invited in to BSQ to leave a card of remembrance at his tree. Please see last week’s newsletter for more details. ​

Parent Survey

Please remember that the parent survey closes tomorrow. Many thanks to the fabulous 150+ who have already taken time to share your thoughts – let's try and make it to at least 400!

Our Values

On Wednesday morning last week 42 parents from the Parent Association met with me to undertake a truly valuable project – the opportunity to work together to create our own BSQ guide to the parent Values. We are lucky here to have such supportive and enthusiastic parents and the early outcomes of the sessions suggest that we will have a fantastic set of advice and guidelines for new and current parents. Thank you.

TEDx Youth@BSQ

Powerful ideas are worth spreading,. #Staytuned #BSQLife

Enrichment – Live session for parents

Save the Date: If you would you like to know more about our students' Enrichment activities and how they live and learn together at BSQ, you are invited to attend our Enrichment at BSQ live session this December 11th, 2019 at 2pm for Reception students and 2:30pm for the other Year Groups. #BSQlife

Our team - the humanitiesteam

This week we welcome our secondary humanities team.

From the Staff and Students

Continuing with our teachers and their stories about learning in the classroom this period. This week we have Mrs. Paola Montenegro and Year 10 students from Secondary and Mr. Oliver Kyle and Nursery students from Primary.

Mrs. Paola Montenegro – Sociales Secondary Teacher

Community Projects

As we all know, an important axis of our school is learning through service, social assistance and volunteering. This year we started hard and so far we haven’t stopped. In the first round of Community Projects led by Y9 we managed to provide a reading space for Sinsoluka with a foundation that serves 86 children at risk in the Historic Centre, and this Wednesday, December 11, we will work on the adventure that reading brings us and the delivery of school materials to the children, an initiative of Y8.

Also, Year 9 collaborated in the previous round with the Am-EN Foundation and enough money was collected after a Bake Sale to deliver much needed cleaning products and maintenance of cribs and therapy spaces was completed. It was a tiring job, but we are very proud. In this round, on the other hand, they will organize a Christmas celebration for the children and young people who attend this place. They will bring their joy, cakes and candy covers that they acquired by having two film showings at school.

On the other hand, we continued collaborating with PAE and Year 9 led the delivery of food for both cats and dogs and visited the Hostel in Quito. However, this round Year 8 will work in assistance to farm animals that also suffer a lot of abuse and do not have the necessary care by their owners and will go to Picalqui in Tabacundo to accomplish this work; with the Bake Sale they organized they will buy multivitamins and de-wormers.

Finally, and with great enthusiasm we started with a dream that the boys and girls of Y7, Y8 and Y9 had a Reforestation project. They knew about the germination process at the Wildlife Foundation in the previous round and now we will plant 100 trees in the Sector of Mojanda and Picalqui - Tabacundo with the United Brethren Foundation.


This week we celebrate VOLUNTEER'S DAY and our students of Year 12 and Year 13 do many types of service to the community, to students directly or indirectly. One of these beautiful projects has been the COGNITIVE DEVELOPMENT PROGRAM.

The CDP is a mentoring program whose objective is to develop and strengthen certain functions and or skills. Some boys and girls of Year 12 are working with the little ones developing their memory, attention and concentration, vocabulary, academic self-esteem and social skills. Very valuable work not only for them but for the entire educational community.

Every year CAS students from Year 12 and Year 13 organize the Quito Festivities, for this year 40 championships have been organized between teachers and students, an Ecua volley tournament and a Jeans day. We all participate with excitement and much happiness. With the proceeds, the boys and girls of Beyond Lagartococha will be able to continue their work for the benefit of the redwood communities of Painkenape and Mañoko and this February 2020 they will work on health, prevention, delivery of first aid kits and training in the same area.

It should also be mentioned that the two schools built the previous year were officially recognised by the Ministry of Education of Peru, giving us a budget for maintenance, provision of texts and payment to teachers.

But we cannot forget that Christmas is near and CAS together with the PA is working to improve the quality of life of the children of the Hogar for their Children Foundation. Thank you for your donations, for the money collected and do not forget the last two events that are linked to this, Christmas Bake Sale & Jeans Day and Christmas Fair.

Year 9 students – Fiestas de Quito

Fiestas de Quito celebrates the founding of the capital of Ecuador. On December 6, 1534, the majestic city of San Francisco de Quito was founded. This year 485 years of this event are celebrated. Each person celebrates the holidays in their own way. A very common way to celebrate is in Chiva Quito, a fun and unusual open bus, where people dance to the rhythm of music alluding to the date and celebrate with their friends. Another tradition of the city is the popular 40 game with neighbours / friends and family; four people or two couples are involved in this card game. The Fiestas de Quito are a very clear example of the cultural wealth of the city. In our school this date was celebrated with the decoration of the Quito balconies, a tournament of 40, compliments of compliments and a mini Ecuavolley championship, organized by the CAS group of Lagartococha, to raise funds for your project.

Authors: Bernarda Conrrado, María Isabel Perla, Valentina Velasco

Mr. Oliver Kyle – Year 5 Teacher

It’s been quite a term for Year 5 and the early days of August, when we are all beginning this journey, seems so long ago now, but here we are, all these months on.

Year 5 have enjoyed tackling a range of subjects over this term, from learning about the early settlers in Australia, the Dreamtime and much more, to our current exploration of The Rainforest.

There´s been plenty of challenge along the way – for both the children as well as myself and Miss Nicole. We are all still learning about each other but it feels like we are more of a unit now; ready to help each other, support each other and celebrate in each other’s successes.

We’ve enjoyed some great trips so far; into Centro Histórico but also to Granja Urkuwayku (an organic farm owned and run by The Sherwoods, a family at BSQ), one of many trips that are planned for Ilaló this year. But it is all only just beginning and, as always, there are so many more adventures to come!


​This past week in Nursery we have been learning all about Quito and the traditional celebration “Fiestas de Quito”. The children have truly enjoyed learning about the places around their city, it got them asking questions about places they have been to and some that they have not been to before. The Legend of Cantuña” was a big hit amongst the nursery children, they were able to talk about important aspects of the legend and answer simple questions. To keep tradition alive during the celebrations, we made a “Balcón Quiteño” and “nursery singing chiva”. The children also got a taste of our very own homemade “Canelazo”.

Dates for your Diary

December 10th - Closing date for BSQ Parent Survey 2019

December 10th - KS3 cultural trip

December 12th - Christmas Carols 2019 at Buena Vista Tennis Club. 5:30pm

December 13th - Christmas Carols at Plaza del Rancho.

December 14th - Christmas Fair

December 14th - Christmas Carols Scala. 3pm

December 19th - End of term at 12pm

Emma Newman


Being BSQ – Primary Update

This week, in our final full week of term before the Christmas break, all of the students are busy preparing their products for the Christmas Bazaar on Saturday. This event is similar to ones you will have seen on TV, like The Apprentice and Dragon’s Den, though hopefully with a little more humility and less competition! The idea is that each class designs and makes a Christmas product to sell at the Bazaar, using their initiative, skills and determination to create something that everyone wants to buy.

After subtracting the amount, they spent on raw materials, the profit they make will go to a charity and the kudos of the largest net profit will go to the winning class. Please come and support your child and the school at this Family Event – it is open to everyone, including family and friends, and will feature a range of outside vendors as well as the BSQ Choir and lots of Christmas spirit. The event will start at 10:30am on Saturday 14th and finish around 1:30pm.

Last week we experienced quite a few cases of illness across the whole school. If you are in any doubt about your child’s welfare, please do keep them at home and take them to a doctor. Here in school we encourage the students to wash their hands regularly and drink lots of water. The doctor will also check students who are not feeling well and contact you if your child is sick.

This week we also have the Year 4 trip to Parque Metropolitan on Wednesday morning, the BSQ Choir performing at the Christmas Carols event jointly organised by BSQ, The British Embassy and the British Chamber of Commerce on Thursday evening, again on Friday evening at Plaza del Rancho and finally at Scala Shopping Mall after the Christmas Bazaar! Please do contact Mr Kidd or Miss Cano if you need directions or further details about these choir events.

All BSQ parents will also be invited to visit school on Wednesday afternoon to experience the Enrichment Programmes. You will be sent further details by Miss Nicole Camacho, our Enrichment Coordinator.

In the final week of term, we have the two Nativity Performances on Tuesday 17th December at 1:30pm and Wednesday 18th December at 9am, a variety of class parties to celebrate the Christmas season and the Nursery Singalong and Family Picnic on the last day of term, Thursday 19th December. All students will finish at 12pm that day, with no lunch provided by school. We return to school on Monday 6th January, 2020.

Marcus Madden

Head of Primary

Being BSQ – Secondary Update

Education Outside the Classroom

One thing BSQ excels at is getting our students out of the classroom and into the real world to learn and grow in our community and beyond. I've already written, in past weeks, about out Year 11s and 12s engaged in Duke of Edinburgh's International Award expeditions, the Year 11 leadership work with Hogar para sus Ninos, and the Model United Nations group's efforts at their most recent conference. But, it seems, these things never stop.

Lago Agrio

Under the watchful eyes of Ms Danielle Parker and Mr Nicholas Kennedy, a group of Year 12 students returned yesterday from a fact-finding mission in the area of Lago Agrio, where they visited local communities to learn about the issues they are facing, the work they are doing there, and what we can learn from one another.

El Centro Histórico De Quito

Our Year 7, 8, and 9 students will be exploring their history tomorrow on a trip to 'old town', where they will get to see and experience in real life some of the cultural heritage they have been learning all about with Ms Montenegro in their Ciencias Sociales lessons. Que viva Quito!

Community Projects

And as if that wasn't enough, they will be out and about again on Wednesday, visiting the various Community Projects they have been engaged with over the past eight weeks, to learn about the issues that matter in our more immediate community, and how we can all help to make things better for one another.

Making these things happen takes a great deal of time, energy, and imagination on the part of the teachers involved. But while we may feel stretched at times, we all know how rich and rewarding these experiences are for our young people, and how important to their development as balanced, caring and knowledgeable leaders of the future.

Jim Wild

​Head of Secondary

From the BSQ Counselling Team

This week our school counsellor, Andrea Carrera, talks about raising emphatic children.