Our acclaimed pool has opened their doors, primary students started formal swimming classes once a week, secondary will start in 2023-20234 academic year. We also have plans to open an extra-curricular swimming club/swim-team time for competitive and recreational training. There are many other ideas being discussed from water polo to PADI training, and of course swim time for staff.

Did you know BSQ Pool is heated totally by solar panels? Our pool doesn’t use fossil fuels, which is great for our sustainability purposes. Besides is cleaned with salt similar to table salt but with no chemicals and kind of salt that extracts the chlorine of the water that comes in.

If you want your child to learn one of life's key survival skills and develop a passion for water sports, at a school with a commitment to sustainability and care for the environment, then BSQ is the place for you.

At BSQ we don't just say it - we do it