Every second Friday at BSQ the magic of House events at BSQ take place. These competitions are the students chance to show off the skills and abilities that they have honed both inside and outside of the classroom. All students of BSQ belong to one of Iliniza, Antisana and Cayambe, sporting ties and special House tops of blue, red and yellow respectively.

The house competitions vary greatly, giving every student the chance to shine. Houses compete in events related to sport, art and academia, no two events are the same! Out student council have a big say in what activities take place, surveying the student body to find original and exciting ideas for competitions. Some examples of upcoming events are basketball, mathletics, music composition, football, volleyball, capture the flag, touch rugby, problem solving, mini portrait painting and athletics.

As well allowing students to demonstrate their skills it also allows them to socialise with other children outside of their classes. Students across secondary, from year 7 to year 13, compete together. This hones social skills and confidence as well as developing leadership abilities and teamwork. It also gives students the chance to try activities they may not have done before, at which point they can take up related extra curricular after school if an interest has been sparked.

Matthew Bowles